New Cover for Orphan's Quest

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I just have to show you guys the awesome new cover of Orphan's Quest. It was designed by our own Underdarkness and may look familiar to you becaue it was adapted from the same picture that he uses as his avatar. I wat to give him serious props for adapting it beautifully to my needs when the artwork I had originally commissioned didn't pan out. Anyway, here it is:

I totally love the way this looks, and I'm equally happy with the new website he designed for me, which will go up this weekend. I'll let everyone knows when it's rolled out so you can check it for yourselves. My many many thanks to you Underdarkness. You really did a bang-up job.


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Thats pretty

Thats pretty sweet!
Underdarkness - you rock!

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THATS SEXY Go to any quiet


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