new years!!!

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i got so wasted last night!!!!! i had 2 glasses of champagne, 2 shots of rum, and a mojito(more rum!) which doesn't sound like alot, but as i am only 5'1" and 88 pounds, it was alot. me and my friends partied till 2 am and my parents were upstairs the whole time!!! i cant believe they didnt notice how drunk we all were!!!

on a less wasted note, i think this year will be good for me. 2006 for me was all about discovery. i thought i was bi for a bit in the beginning of 06. then i just kind of accepted it for a while and stopped thinking about it. then, in the end of 06, i realized i really dont have an attraction to guys except for a teeny bit. also, i remember laughing in 2006. i made so many good friends, and found a place for myself in my school's hierarchy, and we laughed so much. thats all that i really can remember: laughter and discovery. im hoping to really figure out whether i am les or bi in 07, and once i figure it out, come out to my close friends. maybe next new years, ill be celebrating it with a girlfriend that my freinds know about.

thats all