not even a "hello"....

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i was at work today and whenever people come in the store i always say either "HI" or "HELLO" and we have like a blind spot, so at first i can't really see anyone but then the people come around and i noticed that this girl that goes to my school was with...i guess...her parents and she didn't like say hi or anything.

ok...this is not just a random girl but we became friends in the ending of 8th grade and beginning of 9th grade, so we knew each other, but yeah no hi or anything...i was like...ok fine whatever, i think though that she knows about me and stuff. whatever i don't care shiit so much homophobic people at my school, especially the girls. it's irking though because when i came out to one of my friends in class, some people overheard and stuff and were like "you're bi" (oh yeah this was when i WAS bi lol) and i was like "yeah" and they're like "oh cool"

they'd say hi and stuff to me afterwards like we were friends (which we weren't) and now idk it's weird...a lot of people say hi to me like their my friends when before during freshman and sophomore year they'd snob me....what is up with that??

so yeah that's my lil rant lol...i'm bored that's why and tired *yawn*...


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Kill her

Kill her. It should be fun

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^. .-

whats wrong with being bi? lol. i agree with ^raining men. less competition for me ;-). love you!

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