Not You

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[I bet you can't guess whom this one's about...heh heh...]

Inferno on your lips
Just can’t
Quite r e a c h
Your hemisphere
To e xtin g u ish
That orange symphony
You’re just
not really)))
Too chaos and
Not enough to be
My s(kin)’s
All y
A little
Too I said freedom
God (never
ly liked the
Stuff) d
So g-o
Sing your independence elsewhere and promise never ever to come back because I don’t ever really want to see that little face again with its sun smile and rain eyes and tornado hair and hurricane mouth because I’m too afraid to admit you were something once which evolved into nothing with the artistry of your emotional acrobatics swinging softly day and night in my mind till that god damn swooshing almost drove me insane and all the faces were not yours