Our Silent Revolution

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Forgive me, my dear, if I cannot read
the alphabet of your eyes;
the widenings and smallerings
of your consonants and vowels;
the blinks of punctuation,
and tears of exclamation.
You see, I am illiterate
in you, but by God am I
inanimate without you.
One day our skin will speak
a language all its own,
and our minds will be lost
in the mysteries of
its strange phonetics;
accents everywhere right,
and everywhere wrong,
but everywhere beautiful.
We’ll speak the lovers’
brilliant dialect
of non-words and feelings;
run with the sound and
never look back;
just at each other.
Do you hear that?
The vibrations of
our vernacular rending
to graves in the air.
We’ve sublimed the sound barrier,
darling; a living
evolution of speech;
revolution of the heart.


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this is divine. I loooooove

this is divine. I loooooove this.

"Yes! No! Oh, damn!"

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loving this one too dude

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