pink hair and braces and a band!!

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i'm getting pink streaks in my hair (hot!!) and braces (grrrr) and im gonna be in a band with maddie(crush)!!!!! we'll probably suck. but it'll be with her so i don't care!!!


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haha well done, lol. i love pink streaks, i prob have to get braces to, which hell sux.

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i just put pink streaks in MY hair a few weeks ago! i have naturally BLACK hair, so i had to use a LOT of bleach until the streaks were blonde enough to put the hot pink dye over... but it worked and now it looks really kewl. :o)
BRACES... i had them too. also retainers, bite-plates, and even surgery on my teeth/gums. yeah my mouth was pretty messed up... but NOW its allllll goooood. :o)
starting a band with ur crush sounds like funnn! what kind of stuff do u guys play? i play guitar and sing... punk/rock/folk/ska/raggae etc...

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Yay, girls in bands = hotness! Hope the pink streaks come out awesome!

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If you walk down the halls

If you walk down the halls at my school, you can pick out my friends because they all have hot pink hair. My hair never comes out that welll when I dye it (too curly) so I just go crazy on my friends.

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my hair's naturally platinum

my hair's naturally platinum blond, so i dont have to bleach it. yaaaaaaaaay!!!and ive had braces before . . . but they were only on 4 teeth, and now im getting them on my whole mouth. hmmmmmm . . . we'll probably play rock/pop music in our band.
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