Poem for Gay Like Me

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Name: Rebekkah

Oasis Name: lost_in_wonderland

Age: 16

Location: Danville, VA

Gender: Female....usually

Bio: I'm just me. Some strange high schooler who does waaay too much in the drama dept. and will usually be found with her nose in either a notebook or a real book.

Am I the Rumor?

Their eyes burn
my back like the sun.
Peeling my skin away
and desecrating the inside.
Snickers and sneers
yanking at me.
Snide comments like
blasting into my heart.
I duck my head
and pretend I don't
But their once innocent play
has become deadly.
A covert glance.
A hand raises.
A rumor spreads.
Like the plague
killing my soul.
I know I don't mind
but I still hurt.
It hurts that people
don't trust me.
I'm gay.
But I'm respectful.
Unlike some.

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I really like this. It

I really like this. It accurately describes the bull GLBT have to go through, and because of the description lets the reader feel how you are feeling.
99 dreams I have had
In every one a red balloon

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I really like this.

I really like this. ForeverEndedToday got most of the complements, so let me just say ditto to that. On another note, I feel like it'd read easier if it were split into more stanzas... but that's a personal thing, so it's up to you. Great job!

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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i feel ur pain! lol.. i laugh but i'm serious. people seem to think glbt are bad people and don't trust them, etc... and that sucks but i guess there will always be discrimination and such. good poem and,
keep ur head up!

smile & the world -seems- to smile with u


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that's really really good. i

that's really really good. i think everybody else pretty much summed up everything
make love not war . . . . or be abstinent and bomb everybody!!!!

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I like it!

The snapshot-like images in this poem are really cool. I have a couple word choice edits and stuff for you, but the body of this poem is pretty much finished. PM you later about them?

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