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So exams for me are officialy over which is amazingly great. I'm really excited about the upcomming semester. I have classes that i think i'll enjy. I'm also really nervous about the second semester. I can't find anyone i know in the same classes as me which isnt a good thing. Because that means I'll end up being with the snotty english girls. (My school as a french-immersion program meaning some people take just english classes and others both english and french), I hang out with the french kids but i'm not a french immersion student. I don't really get along with the "popular" english people. We just don't seem to click. Now you may say that leaves another group the "unpopular" english people. Well those people i also hang out with but none of them are in my classes either. I'm really hoping i'll know and get along with a couple people in my classes. I HATE being thrown into a group that i don't get along with.
There is an upside to ebing with the "popular" group the GIRLS...
They are the hott girls sme of them others just try to hard and that's just a turnoff. I couldnt fall for any of these girls however they are pretty to look at.


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yeah id say theres definitely an upside to being popular, especially in my town.. lk the whole town kisses ur ass pretty much. it rocks.

but then again i feel bad cuz,.. lk some ppl KNOW they r unpopular. n i feel bad cuz some ppl take that personally. i used to not be in the popular crowd. but i never cared. lk i kept to myself. just be nice n theyll be nice back. or who knows,.. with me it happened that all of them started talking to me. anyhow, good luck. n be friendly!


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Hehe...that reminds me of my

Hehe...that reminds me of my friends. Literally every one of my close friends is taking French.

Good luck with your classes. It's usually pretty weird to just switch mid-year.