Rainbow flags held up high

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Let's move to Massachusettes,
or get married in New Jersey,
and suit our home state if they don't recognize,
Let's get married,
both of us in beautiful white gowns,
on some beach in some state,
that's accepting without frowns,
Let's hold hands in public,
and kiss outside on the street,
show the world we're not afraid,
but we'll cry in each other's arms,
and tremble inside,
only when we've been hurt teasted or assulted,
Let's show them our strength,
and hide from them our weakness,
Let's show weakness only to each other,
Let's live together,
in a complicated life,
What's easy is boring,
What's harder is betetr,
Let's not be afraid,
just to show our true love,
but be afraid,
because others are scared of us,
Let's stand on the roof top,
and confess our sweet love,
Rainbows flags in our hands,
our true colors in our blood,
Let's fight for the right,
Let's just fight for our love,
and gross out the phobes,
who are sickened by love,
Let's move out of here,
and struggle together,
Let's not want acceptance,
but just want to be together,
stand together hand-in-hand,
hold our heads way up high,
help each other when we need to,
and look to the sky.......