Rocked the history exam and a few other random thoughts

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So i just rocked my history exam. I feel amazing. I love when you do an amazing job on something like a test or exam and after wards you feel just amazing. But its almost beyond amazing you feel proud and happy and excited and nervous and amazing and then you just can't wait until you get the final mark.
Although at times i don't feel as amazing as i should about this exam becuase he gave us the essay questions before and then we played a game with all the multiple choice questions and we could copy down the answers and what not so we already had most of the exam in out hands to study.
But i still feel amazing about it all. The only part that's bringing me down is that i have a really sore throat and my nosey is kinda stuffy. But i tooke meds and am taking them likie every 4 hours which kinda leaves me pain free which i love.
If only everything was so easy. If you could take away all the pains with just a few pills but sadly life is not like that. But if you couldn't feel pain then you probably wouldn't be able to feel happyness and that would make life a hell hole. I hate when i can't feel things. There are times when i turn the shower on extra hott or extra cold just so i can feel something other then what i'm feeling.

This post was totaly random hope yall liked it.