Say Amen

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The constellations in our eyes,
the creases in our palms—
they rhyme and shiver,
like echoes of heaven.
Our curves and lines cradle
each other’s seasons;
laughing as skin does
whenever its smooth and
(I swear) sculpted reality
meets a brother, and has no choice
but to blossom in bronze.
The luminescence of our limbs
among the legends race;
rejoicing like dancing suns,
claiming the frightened cosmos.
Can you hear the movements roar?
Can you feel the heat
of our miracled friction?
All the particles and atoms,
energies and amazements,
can’t help but sing yes.
Say amen.


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*shudders and dies from

*shudders and dies from happiness*

your poetry makes me happy....

"Yes! No! Oh, damn!"

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I've said it before and I'll say it again-your poems are the best!

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