second part to my "unsatisfied" phase..

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hehe. well...thanks Jeff & Bratalamay for the comments :)

i mentioned that post to a friend of mine and he was like "you need to get laid" lol...ah okie :/ then he was like "you know one night stands won't break the bet, so you should go out tonight, get laid, and if your still friends with the chik then it's fine"...i was listening to him, thinking "WTF?". haha well he also woke me up too and yeah it's weird...NEVER EVER EVER lol..CALL ME UP AND TALK TO WHEN I'VE JUST WOKE UP haha 'cause i talk about anything and everything and it's weird, i guess it's 'cause now i'm getting used to things and becoming more...OPEN? i guess yeah, plus i slur when i've just woken up and tend to not make sense ;P

though..i was actually thinking about it...*ponder ponder ponder* hmmmm what to do...what to do lol...

he, for one, accepts me for who i am but also questions me at the same time. 'cause i was like "yeah where am i gonna find a chik that'll just want to be my one night stand?" and he's like "why does it have to be a chik and not a guy? he doesn't have to stick it in you, he can just eat you out" OMG lol my bad i didn't mean to share so much but that was like his exact words...

A; Because i don't see guys in that way...and just thinking about being with a guy sexually just...disgusts that a good enough answer for you? God i'm a lesbian whether or not you like it, i'd rather be with a girl. honestly yeah...everyone still thinks i'm bi and i don't correct 'um because shit, i had enough shit from them when i told them i was bi...i don't really care what they think but i only think its more relevant that the people i care for more should know that i'm that way rather than people who won't ever be there for me and support me. does that make sense? idk lol.

haha speaking of the friend called...blah and guess what he said?..."YOU NEED TO GET LAID" lol...interesting haha...what'd you think?


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Hmmmm. I think you need to get laid

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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Haha...Your guy friend's

Haha...Your guy friend's answer to his own question "Why can't it be a guy?"...Lol. That was funny...Hehe. XDD

Meh. If you do get laid, make sure to have :-)


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Often when someone tells you

Often when someone tells you you need to get laid, it's actually them that needs to get laid.. LOL

- Pat Nelson Childs
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characters to Sci-Fi & Fantasy"

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haha i think so too...'cause

haha i think so too...'cause he calls me up and then we lean on the topic whereas HE wants a gf so bad that he's getting needs to get laid...sooooo true

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"