she called me a bitch...what a bitch!

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ah okie now i actually have time to post lol. well i was gonna post something yesterday but i was tired, even though i only got like...3 hours of sleep >_< sigh. well yesterday was okie here's what happened, oh but to make it easier to undersstand i'll give you a lil key to the story lol.

*cousins; JR, Joce, Jess, and Melis (shorten names because to lazy to write em fully lol)

OK. yesterday, about last night was melis early bday party and jess and jr let her have it at their house, so the party supposedly started at 6 or 7, but i worked so i didn't get to go there until like almost midnite cause jess was workin and said she'd give me a ride when she was done. so when we got to the house there was like a choke load of people, like maybe 4 girls and 10 guys...all of which were melis's friends.

so i go in and say hi to melis and stuffies but i feel so weird cause all her friends are drunk and emo, she was helpin her best friend who was (as i heard) puking in the toilet way before i got there. so sad. but fast forward to when jess and i were gettin food, well i was making my plate and this guy goes "hi my name is justin whats urs?" and so jess says her name and me...well i was in a playing mood and was like, oh my name is melissa and he belived it and this girl, whose name i found out was stephanie said something and all i heard was the word, bitch. i thought she was talking about something else so i never thought twice about it until me and jess went outside. jess was like "did you hear what the girl said?" and i was like, "uh something about a bitch" and she's like "yeah, she called you a bitch"...i was like WHA? but ah whatever she's drunk its just words. so i let it go.

then joce and i were upstairs on the computer and all of a sudden we heard yelling, so we went downstairs to see jess and the girl stephanie yelling at each other then you see the girl grab jess and then they're all over each other. omg yup fight. why? well because she was disrespecting jess in her own house and becuase jess was stickin up for me too about the whole bitch thing 'cause the girl also called her a bitch. so much drama, they went from the kitchen to the dining room, to the living room...everybody as trying to seperate them, but it kept on going for awhile til jr kicked everybody out.

i felt bad though for him cause then if the cops came, he and my cuzin jan would be in trouble cause of so much underage drinkers. it was crzy. this may sound funnie but i'm tired and editing is like shit to me right now lol. not in the mood. well yup thats what happened. uh well i have something else to post but that can wait for tomorrow lol. ;)


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Your right

Your right. She is a bitch

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"

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i think that by default

i think that by default anybody that calls you a bitch is a bitch.
make love not war . . . . or be abstinent and bomb everybody!!!!