Sleeping is for SQUARES.

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Making sense is also for squares *draws zigzag in the air*

Yeah, yesterday I had ucky cramps (one word: period) and I took a two hour nap in the middle-endish part of the day. Because that always seems to work. So I was up the rest of the night. Can't say I was doing anything productive, because I wasn't. But it didn't help that my cat's were arguing in my room. (Cat arguments are different from human ones. Mostly loud growling and hissing. And lots of running around the room. Or at least if your my cats.)

Anyways, my cousins are coming tomorrow. Which means I'll have to use my super-ninja-powers to scheme up a way to talk to Sora alone for a little while. The only thing I can think of so far is have her sleep over and kick/shove my cousins out of my room because we're girls and boys aren't allowed. Because that's what we did last time. Though, the big one is hard to get rid of, because he's like a gorilla. A really stupid gorilla. And my door broke... Again, so I can't lock him out either. So it's like.. ARGH! Which is where my ninja-powers come in. I've lived in this house for about 8 years now so one thing I'm good at is hiding places. I should like, list them somwheres or somthing. XD That would rock. But I have to make sure nobody finds it.

Though, it's fun when my cousins come over. (Partly because I get the chance to use my super-awesome-ninja-powers... That don't exist... Yet.) So I'm excited. Even though they are kind of annoying they're still family. So I deal with it. XD



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Have them tattood (cant spell) on the bottom of you foot. :P Actually, on a piece of scrap paper in the back of your favorite book works awesome.

3 wheels are better than 4!
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I have super-ninja-powers

I have super-ninja-powers too! ;) They're great eh?!

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but it sure as hell can hurt me"