Some things aren't supposed to make sense...

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The title is like, my chatchphrase or something. I'm always saying that.

I feel better now. I feel a little like I made a big deal out of something small again. But I have a solution.

I noticed a pattern. Things seem to go right more often when I DO do something rather than when I don't. The more I stall the more frustrated I get and more bad-feeling tends to go around. So if I actually did something there's a greater chance of things going better and stuff. I'm just tired of walking in circles....

Okay, I came out so Soras older sisters a few weeks ago right? (For what seemed like a second time but I guess they didn't catch it the first time. *rolls eyes to self* figures.) It's funny, because she was like "You're gay?" And I said "Yeah" and the first thing she did was hug me. And then she changed the note under her entry for me in her phone book to "I luv her!" XD Then she told me that I better not come back in a few days and laugh because I was joking...

She is straight by the way.

And then her other older sister... Might be flirting with me... But I think she flirts with everyone... XD

Does anyone else get that kind of reaction? Where you come out to someone (of the same sex) and they are more affectionate? It's sort of weird. I know they're straight... Or at least, I'm pretty sure. But they do that anyways. It's sort of annoying. Or makes me uncomfortable sometimes... But they only do that because I'm cute. I hate being cute... Well, except for when I can use it to my advantage that is. It makes me wonder if they joke like that to their straight-guy-friends too... Or at least the small mousy ones.. (like me.) *thinks to self* probably...

And another thing. Just because I'm lesbian dosen't mean I think that every female person my age is hot. Or that I like big boobs. (Because I don't.) Or anything else of that nature. And it dosen't make me a tomboy either. I'm kind of tired of being subjected to steryotypes.

And another, another thing. That I just felt like saying to some people who may have been misslead.... THERE IS NO MAN IN A LESBIAN RELATIONSHIP!!! :O XD I mean, seriously. Isn't the whole point of calling it that because there isn't one? (One of my friends said something about that to me and I just find it annoying. XD)

And something I don't get... Why do men like watching lesbians? It makes no sense to me... I mean really... No sense... But then again I have friends who like Yaoi... (Okay, actually, one Yaoi fanatic and the rest are sort of like "it's cute... Whatever.") Which I don't get either. I mean.. I don't like watching straight people make out or something... Or gay ones either.... Acutally.... I don't like watching ANYONE make out... Sooo.... Yeahhh... XD

Don't you just hate when you're watching a movie and the chareacters just getting all mushy? Bleeehhh.. >_< It's like... Advert the eyes! I don't wanna see that!

I feel like such a little kid for saying that. XD

I'm rambling now... It happens.




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everytime I see people in movies/shows kiss, I start laughing for some reason. Unless it's girls...then I'm ok (unless other people are around then it's like the nervous laughter)

oh right on about the whole "Just because I'm lesbian dosen't mean I think that every female person my age is hot. Or that I like big boobs." I agree with that--I'm really sick of it! My best friends boyfriend thinks I like her! Except I kinda expected that from him cuz underneath it all, he is subconsciously a prejudice/stereotyping guy (I don't care how many friends he has that are of different race or orientation--he is) And the boobs thing--I can honestly say that anything about like..a B cup is like..too much. Only one of the many, many crushes I've had has had a C.


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'damn, this movie would be

'damn, this movie would be so much better if I was the one making out with her!' --> That's what goes through my mind when people in movies kiss! ;) Anywho on a more serious note, I have a real distaste for stereotypes as well, as most of us do I assume.

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I agree with what Stalker

I agree with what Stalker said. It's so gross when people are making out in the halls between classes. And the whole "who's the man in the relationship?" Nothing makes me more frustrated! some of these people need to go back to health class and review the difference between male and female.

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I once came out to a straight female friend (I'm lesbian) and she was all gigglish and said: Go away from me, or else I'll fall in love with you!'

Does that make sense???!?!?!

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