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[Sorry if I'm hogging all the muses...this stuff is just too darn beautiful not to post!]

It never ceases to
amaze and
slightly craze me;
how your voice’s
fragile thunder
can so change the strange
dimensions of sound.
How many angels ride
those clarion waves?
How many miracles
take refuge in
that hallowed tone?
The numbers must
shame the stars,
my love.
I didn’t know
I could hear the sound
of spring breaking
upon the April land.
I didn’t know
that the dawn’s
streaming caravan,
golden and
could live within a song.
I wouldn’t believe
the crimson magic
in a rose’s
timeless fingers
could blossom and root
through a tiny
human tremolo.
Who knew
a mortal instrument
could catch the universe
in its tiny
skin-bound palms?
All I know is when
your words animate,
there are stars in the sound.


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Don't Stop

Aww, your poems are always so lovely! Keep writing, maybe you could even publish your own book of poetry some day :)

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I second that!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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:assumes scary authority

:assumes scary authority figure voice: those who hog the muses will get kicked out of oasis, young man!

gak, no plz write, your on quite a roll, besides i like poetry and not enough people are actually good at it. (hehe the on quite a roll expression amuses me, it makes me think of someone sitting on a giant piece of bread, wow i have an overactive imagination)

hugs, luck, and peace

and none has conquered but love
a girl's glance working the will of heaven
pleasure to her alone who mocks us
merciless aphrodite
- anitgone, ode III

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i lk. good job