Spring Awakening: CD Review

By Jeff Walsh

Spring Awakening: A New Broadway Musical features music by Duncan Sheik, with book and lyrics by Steven Sater.

The caveat is that I can only review this from the perspective of having heard it after seeing the show on Broadway. So, in my mind, many of the songs have choreography, lighting, and visuals, which augments my enjoyment of the CD.

Right up front, I will say that John Gallagher Jr. as Moritz was my favorite lead performer in the show. He also does the most rocking songs in the show, so I have heard his stuff most often while working out at the gym. But his tracks, such as "The Bitch of Living," "And Then There Were None," and "Don't Do Sadness" are some of my favorite up-tempo songs, along with "Totally Fucked," where the entire ensemble erupts to release their pent-up angst in a burst of dance and song.

When I'm in a more contemplative mood, and not trying to peg my heart rate at 146 beats per minute, there is a lot of more mid-tempo stuff on here, too. In fact, there are really no tracks that have my skipping to the next track, which is pretty phenomenal in itself.

"I Believe," which accompanies my favorite part of the show, still holds a special place for me, although my instinct is that without the amazing visuals, cast interaction, and lighting, the song wouldn't have the same magic. It would just be... pretty.

Other highlights are "Touch Me," "The Mirror-Blue Night," "Those You've Known," and "The Song of Purple Summer."

Obviously, if you have the opportunity, see the show in New York City. But if you can't, this is still a collection of amazing songs, with beautiful melodies and lyrics that is worth checking out.