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Sora-chan called me. <3

She was sad at first. :( She's been having a bad week. But I cheered her up a bit. It's nice to know that I can cheer her up so easily. I'm still a little sad for her. It's too bad you can't hug people over the phone.

She said that she'll try to call me tomorrow too. I feel so specail now. <3

It's amazing how the smallest things can make me so happy.

I want this feeling to last forever. <3

Anyways... I still haven't gotten a reply from my mom yet... I know she's been on the computer but she hasn't responded... I haven't spoken to her for a while tho...

She either hasn't checked her e-mail, or she has and she dosen't want to talk to me.

But I don't want to talk about depressing subjects. So back to the happy stuff. =3

There's a convention in Febuary I want to go to. It's important to me because my bestest best friend that I tell EVERYTHING to is going to be there. I only see her about once a year or so but we talk through e-mails all of the time. I wonder if she's told her little brother that I have a girlfriend. If she has I'm probably going to be bombarded with stupid questions. XD

I dunno, but we can talk for hours and I don't feel like either of us is talking too much or too little. It's cool.

I love all of my friends. :) I'm going to try to bring chocolate again this year because the convention is the weekend after Valentines day. Valentines day is for friends too you know! =3

Uh-oh... I'm doing the holiday-spirit thing again... It's scary.. Before I never really got into the whole holiday thing... XD

Anyways. A few weeks ago when my cousins were here, the stars were out one night and the five of us (That is, my two cousins, Sora, and her sister.) Went out on a walk... And we started talking about the stars...

It's funny, because the stars make Sora feel the exact oppisite of the way they make me feel, but we still find comfort in them... She thinks that it's comforting because the stars are shining out there for her, and I think it's comforting because the stars are proof that I don't matter.

When I say "proof that I don't matter" I mean that in the most positive way possible mind you. Nothing emo about it at allllll...

Later gaters,