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Hey bitches! I hope everyone's new queer year has been smashing so far...mine hasn't quite been smashing, but I'll survive. Well, continuing with the boy saga (411: I was supposed to meet with a boy, but he didn't show up...hmmm, not much of a saga at all, now that I think about it...), it turns out that he called my house earlier in the day to tell me that he couldn't go, but my maternal unit forgot to tell me! *random angry dinosaur noises*

So we went out tonight instead...huzzah! I'm not really sure if it was good or bad. A mutual friend came with since we barely know each other, which was fine, but another one of his friends was at the same place too, so she came over and talked for about 80% of the time, which was pretty stanky. I really didn't learn much about him or his personality since his friend was yapping like a terrier at a criminal convention. But he does seem pretty nice...and deliciously cute! I'm not really sure what he thinks about me, though. He definitely wasn't cold or distant towards me, but wasn't quite into me he didn't ask me any questions or send many signals. It seemed like he was more interested in his other friend than me. I guess I'll just try to hang out with him again and see where this ends up. I'm unsure of what to do next, though...I don't wanna seem desperate for a boyfriend [which, by the way, I completely am!] so I don't wanna ask him like right away to hang out again. I think I'll wait a week or two and then ask him to a movie and maybe drop the mutual friend out this time...sound like a plan, Stan? I just hope it won't be too awkward, which it kind of was tonight until Mizz Auctioneer Jr. swung on by. Well, if you have any advice, that'd be rad! Gracias, amigos! Audios!


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Rock His World!

Ditch the tagalong and ask the boy out on a date for Pete's sake! It'll be a lot easier to read his gay tealeaves when you don't have others around mucking it up with their vibes. You don't have to say "yo, let's go on a date". You just have to make it clear that you'd like to go out and do something with just the two of you. He'll get the idea. Plan what you're going to do ahead of time. Give it some structure, and be sure to leave some time to talk to him (something in addition to the movie).If it's awkward, or he doesn't ask you many questions, I wouldn't take that as an automatic rejection. I hardly ever ask questions about people either, even if I'm completely warm for their form. Take charge of the conversation and show him you're interested. Give him a compliment. Look into his eyes. Flirt with him. It's not all that that hard to tell if someone is into your groove if you can get the rabble and distractions out of the picture, so try not to go somewhere where you're super likely to run into other people you know. Another good strategic thing is to have another date planned in advance. If things go well, and you think he likes you, tell him you really want to see him again and spring the next date idea on him, just as though you had just thought of it. If he says yes right away, that's a great sign. If he can't make it, but suggests something else, that is also a good sign. If he begs off to some unspecified time, not so good.

Anyway. Just a few ideas. One thing I have mucho experienco with is guys (mucho more than I care to reveal).

Good luck Amigo!

- Patrick

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Yeah I would just ask him out pretty soon. he sounds like he's in the casual dating scene

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No need to worry about playing games as far as how long until you call back, etc. I don't think there is a formula, only chemistry, and you two will either have it or not.

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I agree with what everyone else says, just go for it and ask him out!!

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