stupid brain

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well, i spent my afternoon remaniscing about my ex. it made me really depressed. when i got home and on AIM, i was talking to her about that and she was making me feel better. then she says well, you know whats gonna happen between us. and im like is that supposed to mean something? like, are you gonna ask me out again? and then she says very little. and im like ok. so you spend all this time making me feel better about trying to get over you, then you go and burst that bubble and make me depressed again. great. so then i go up to my room to do homework, and i cant because im stuck thinking about her. and im like goddamnit brain stop! i mean, its nice to remember all that but like, it sux that its never gonna happen again and that makes me sad.
on a happier note! we were in l/a today, and my ex is like my [persuasive writing paper] totally goes against what i believe! its saying that you shouldnt be gay and how bad being gay is ect. so then im like perfect! i mean, ive had this thing in the back of my mind forEVER and i finally have an excuse to say it! so im like (pretending to be someones friend) are you homophobic? (pretending to be that personds friend) uhm. no...then i'd be afraid of myself...
and everyone lauged. it made me feel good.