These Dark Waters

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i wrote this a couple of months ago about some one who means everything to me although we aren't as close as we used to be and i don't see or speak to her much and just wanted to share it with people.

These Dark Waters
As I tread these dark waters once again, my mind in termoil, my heart breaks with the clouds over head and once again you appear.

Bathed in your glorious warmth, it radiates through me.

With my arms outstreched and head held high, face towards the heavens a single tear runs down my face but the distance between us leaves you too blind to see it.

To see the oceans I hold behind my eyes for fear of drowning you so I keep them within and drown myself.

Rain falls from the clouds around you, slowly the water at my feet rises once again.

Then as quickly as they parted the clouds seal up, leaving me in these dark waters, cold, alone. Waiting for you to shine on me once again.