This podcast is SO GAY!

I'm a big fan of podcasts. I listen to them as I walk around San Francisco, during gym workouts, you name it...

With the emphasis on relaunching Oasis, I started looking around for gay youth podcasts and didn't find all that much. To be honest, I don't like many gay podcasts in general, because they all tend to be a bunch of friends sitting around gossiping and being mean and, honestly, I don't have time for that negative energy.

So, I was really happy to find Jian's "That's So Gay" podcast the other day (it *just* launched, he's only done two episodes so far). He's just a soft-spoken, obviously intelligent guy and I just like the whole vibe he puts out on his podcast. It's sort of like an audio version of some of our writers on Oasis.

His first episode is a brief introduction, but then episode 2 features his late night rambling podcast after a visit to Denny's, where he talks about the lack of a gay population at his school, their "totally pathetic" GSA, crushing on straight guys and stuff that is pretty regular material for any Oasis readers.

Oasis is going to be doing our own podcast in a month or so, but there's also a chance we'll be creating a podcast directory on the site of exclusively gay youth podcasts, with the ability for you to host your podcast right here on Oasis. More details later... but, to be clear, there will be VERY easy ways for ya'll to quickly and easily to contribue to the Oasis podcast (assuming you can call a phone number and leave a voice mail message).

Until then, Jian is a great example of what a good podcast for gay youth can be. Just getting that extra dimention of hearing him talk about his life really makes it resonate, it's worth a download.

Jian's "That's So Gay" Podcast can be found from his website at (until we try and lure him over to oasis). You can also subscribe to his podcast directly in iTunes.

So, what do ya'll think of podcasts? What are your favorite gay ones? And, sorry girls, I tried to find a good female counterpart to Jian, but came up empty after a long search...