true loves own heartbreak...

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“Something happens when you look at me, I forget to speak. Something happens when you kiss my lips, my knees get so weak. Could it be true this is what god has meant for me? Cause baby I can’t believe, that something like you has happened to me…”

The rhythm of the song beating through my veins making sure each word was felt and god it felt like daggers going through my heart.

Its been a month since I broke up with her and this is what she gave me as a late Christmas gift, a burned CD with songs that we both loved but soon turned into songs that I constantly hated. God I hated Christmas, it was the season of giving and sure enough I gave her a gift that would be remembered…heartbreak.

“Fuck why’d I do it in the first place?” I screamed, taking all my frustrations out on my pillow that has become my newest best friend. Sleep has been my answer to everything, if only. If only she knew the reason why I did it, it wasn’t because I lost feelings but that was what I told her and now she hates me. The image of us both in each others arms beneath the stars etched into my mind like a tattoo, forever it will stay.


sigh...well i'm in the writing mood...i want to start a book, but i don't really know what i should write about ^ that up there is something that just came to my mind...what'd ya think? i respect critisicm and if you don't like it, please tell me :)

and if you have any ideas for what i should write about, please feel free to share with me...THANKS a whole bunches!!


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that's wonderful, baby! you should just keep writing and let it come to you. thats what im doing with my book. i'll send you a copy sometime, if you like ;-). keep going!

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