Why must I fall for the straight ones?

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Well there is this girl, a straight girl, who I constantly fall for. Ever since eighth grade, I'm a fresh right now. I think I'm getting over it, but then she smiles and jokes around with me, and I'm falling for her all over again. For example we shall look at my eighth grade year. beginning of the year I have a crush on her. I get a girlfriend and got over it until 1/2 way through the relationship and then was crazy about her again. Summer happens; I forget about her. First day back at school; I'm instantly attracted to her again.

I shall call this girl L, because well, that's the first letter of her name and I'm unoriginal. I found out through her mom that she had "trouble" with my coming out. Which means I have a crush on a homophobic straight girl.

Why does she have to be so nice, and say all the right things, and be so cute? I give myself false hope over the fact that I dont know of one boyfriend she has had.

Maybe one day I'll actually fall for someone who's gay, and in the same grade as me. I usually get crushes on seniors, I can't help it, it's the attitude they give off.

Anyone else out there victim of the straight sexual orientation?


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I think we're ALL victims of the straight people in the world. And not victims in the violence, prejudice, and hatred way. Just... they're straight, dammit! And so pretty.

Good luck with this girl...

Sidera cadentia somnos suadent.
(Aeneid 2.9)

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I don't know any gay guy or

I don't know any gay guy or girl who does not have this problem. It sucks, but it happens to us all. Most people grow out of it eventually, but I know plenty who never did. The more you can get into social venues where everyone is gay, the less this will happen though. Not that you need to only socialize with gay people, but it helps to just be surrounded by other queer people sometimes.

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Age and straightness are

Age and straightness are both big problems.

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