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I went back to work today, my first day back since the end of winter break. Tony was there, even though he doesn't usually work Saturdays, and he was in an awesome mood which meant he ran around being large and happy and very gay and didn't yell at me and I didn't end up cowering in fear.

I'm going to drop my women's studies class because even though it didn't have any pre reqs, it's upper division and just requires more work than I'm willing to do. I have to talk with my academic advisor and see if there is anything open for me to transfer into. My advisor makes me feel like I have the social graces of an eel, or something equally lacking in conventional social grace. I don't want to go through the hassle and shame of transferring classes--but I'd rather not fail out of college and I'm already broke and can't afford books for my other classes, and certainly not the seven that ws requires.

I'm tired and I know that I'm not going to want to get up in the morning for econ because I'm generally lazy.

I might go see Colson Whitehead in Berkeley Wednesday night with some girls from my hall, but I need to talk to M about it and get more details. I actually haven't read anything by him...I'm just a loser who likes to see authors.