Y me hace falta amanecer, debajo de tu piel

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Heee heee sorry felt like posting something in spanish. Anways just wanted to give an update! Sorry I haven't been online in soooo long but I've been crazy busy. I just love the new site Adrian and Jeff!!!! You two have really outdone yourselves, and I can't wait till the new site launches too! So lets see what's new with Hyacinthus... oooo bombed a math test today... like REALLY REALLY bad so that made me sad. But this weekend was wierd because I spent it at a cemetary, then with my new boyfriend. So yeah apparently kill bill has some very naughty japanese things that he wouldn't tell me... lol!!! But yeah that was fun. Otherwise just stressing out about college apps and big project things for the IB program i'm in. OH OH OH and I got into Seattle U!!!!!!!!! One of my #1 choices (I have 2; Reed College and SU). Well I'm going to try to get back into the commenting and reading mood again soon here!!! Love ya guys!


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if you go to reed i will be

if you go to reed i will be so jealous, the guy i half like is going there next year. i finally get a semblance of a straight crush and he runs away to a college across the country.

okay, enough rants about me. congrats about college.

hugs, luck, and peace

and none has conquered but love
a girl's glance working the will of heaven
pleasure to her alone who mocks us
merciless aphrodite
- anitgone, ode III

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Okay I understood this much:

Okay I understood this much: And I...something something I drew of you something. Don't make fun of me I'm only in spanish 2. Congrats on getting accepted.

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