Yeah... I can't think of anything else that makes straight people uncomfortable although...

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I did almost get charged with sexual harassment. Yeah. In the words of our former president, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

Lets start from the beginning, why don't we. Friday there was a fight at school. One guy had knocked another to the floor, pinned him against the wall, and started kicking his head. The attacker is/was my crushes boyfriend.
In chemistry that day (this is before the fight) i declared that it was our three month. (of me chasing her around and pick up lines). We were playing tic tac toe on the whiteboard and i wrote (while she wasn't looking) b loves e. (be will represent my crush and e myself.) She got a little upset and erased it. I went on and wrote that it was our three month anniversary. She, again, erased it. then she turned her back to me, pinned me up against the board and tried to get the marker out of my hand. Her being so close i whispered in her ear, "you like this don't you" she didn't move, then slammed my hand into the board thinking i would drop the marker. I didn't then she moved away from me and flipped me off. I said, "really, you would?" That made her a little more upset. To change the subject she said "do you want to see the cutest guy ever?" sure why not. It was a little boy, her cousin, I think. He was cute. Then she said you wanna see the cutest girl ever. I said " is it you?" She said "no, my friend" I said b should ask her friend out for me. End of day.

Saturday... I texted her asking if she was still mad at me. She said not at me but at her "idiot bf". I asked if it was about the fight and she said it was. her friend (the cute one) was there trying to comfort her cuz she was crying. The following is the texts I sent and recieved. (again, b is my crush, e is me, c is her friend)

C: Hey this is c...becky is my biotch...lay off
E: Okay?
C:Yeah... we're going shes my gf so stop hitting on her
E: So I can start hitting on you then?
B: Moved on already huh?
E: Not if u'll go out with me. Although we could have a threesome.
C: No cuz i'm happy with my lesbian lover b... i like girls that actually LOOK like girls.
E: Ouch.
C: Yeah what!
B: i'm sry shes just mean i didnt kno she would b mean caus then i wouldnt have let her text u
C: Dude ur fucking nasty...leave b alone or i'll file u 4 sexual harrassment
E: Fine
C: Idk if u talk to her bt if u talk lesbian shit to her again I WILL file u
E: Fine i'll stop
E: & sry i wuznt tryin 2 offend ne1
C: Well u just need 2 watch what u say next time... c u come on way too strong... see... b and i both have BF and we're happy with our GUYS... we're straight... sorry
E: I knew that it was just supposed 2 b a joke sry
B: im really sry i kno ur joking
C: hey... no worries...i won't bother u anymore
E: Thanks. And may I ask why the sudden change of heart?
C: Cuz i realize that i was being a total bitch 2 u and i dont even no u... sorry

Yeah. That was close. So i got to spend all of chemistry less than an inch from b. We sat on the same desk. i love group work. hehe. she told me c wont file and realized that all this was a joke. (yeah... a joke... i'll just let her keep on thinking that) So i'm safe for now. Although i think i'll lay off some of the pick up line text messages. wouldn't want to risk another threat from c now would we.

I'll finish there cuz i realize this is kinda long. More later.


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woosh, that c sounded pretty

woosh, that c sounded pretty bitchy! Seems like you handeled it pretty well though :)

"Yeah. In the words of our former president, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."" XD!!!

"What they don't know can't hurt them

but it sure as hell can hurt me"

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wow O.O

That was kinda scary. If that happened to me, I would be like cowering in a closet somewhere.


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