a bit of ranting and some happy

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I haven't actually written anything in a while, but several things have kind of been bugging me, so i figured i'd start up again.

most immediately, the way my roommate eats drives me crazy. i know it's a minor thing, especially compared to roommate problems that i and other people have had in the past, but oh my god. put the food in your mouth, close your mouth, and chew. i shouldn't have to hear every time you start chewing... the slurping and the smacking, holy crap. stop making love to eat and just eat it already. you eating should not be louder than me listening to the scissor sisters (the song "don't feel like dancing" always makes me want to dance). arg.

what's somewhat more serious than my roommate being gross... my friend has been bugging me a bit lately. she's been really awesome with my coming out, and she's one of the only straight people that's willing to listen to me talk about the girl i like, but lately she's started with this "life style" crap. more and more often she's casually refer to my liberal lifestyle, or comment on how different my lifestyle is, or something along those lines. what's my "lifestyle" like? i like math and science, and psychology, i study a lot, i work, and i like puzzles and music. i haven't even done much activism lately (which is rather disappointing). i'm certainly not having tons of hot sex; hell, i'm not having any sex (even more disappointing). i'm hoping she'll drop it soon enough. if not i'll just point out that my life can hardly be considered radical. granted, i don't know man, those math problems... i'd better cool it.

on a happier note... at work today, my boss gave me the left overs from the chocolate cake that they had for some reason or another... i forget. mmm... chocolate.

i think that's all. back to studying.


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less crunchies, more munchies

Hahaha talking about your room mate eating made me laugh, I can imagine how that would be annoying though. Those little things can really shit you up the wall, you could give her a hint or just tell her straight out that it really shouldn't be necessary to turn up the volume when she starts eating. Oh and lay off those hardcore math equations for a while dude.. that sorta lifestyle could really screw you up!

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hey hey

yeah ur room-mate sounds pretty nasty... people eating unnecessarily loud is NOT attractive.
I totally get what u mentioned about the gurl referring to ur "lifestyle" and stuff. i have a freind like that too... it sux. We've been friends since we were like 3 and shes one of my BFF, but she's so "conservative" compared to all my other friends, and out of everyone she was the awkwardest with me when i was coming out.
In my opinion, its clearly not your "lifestyle" that is the issue here, its HER being closed-minded, uncomfortable with herself, or having some sort of inferiority complex that she is projecting onto you.
I am sorrie to hear that youre not having any hot girly sex. thats what the L Word is for. watch it and imagine that you're them. :o)