A decent amount of LGBT books

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In my quest for reading anything and everything lgbt, I've found that one of the chief difficulties is finding a comprehensive list of titles. I wouldn't call this a comprehensive list, but I would venture to say that it contains almost all of the books that are found in a typical public library system. I've rated them according to how I enjoyed them and also how accurate the information is. I'm afraid the only qualifications I can offer is that I love to read, and am not so fond of teenage fluff books. Since I'm trans, there is also a large representation of Trans titles. There is a key to the abbreviations at the bottom. Happy Reading

- The Well of Loneliness (l, gender)
- Female Masculinity (gender, nf)
-Giovanni’s Room (gay)
The Advocate's College Guide (issues, nf)
-Orlando (gender)
-Gender Outlaw (gender, tg, nf)
-Genderqueer (gender, tg, nf)
-Am I Blue? (youth, ss)
-That Velvet Rage (gay, nf)
-Just Add Hormones (ftm, nf)
-Annie on My Mind (youth, l)
-Fingersmith (l)
-Slow River (l)
-Mercades Lackey, assorted fiction books (gay)
-The Testosterone Files (ftm, nf)
-The penguin book of Lesbian Short Stories (l, ss)
-The penguin book of Gay Short Stories (gay, ss)
-The Blue Place (l)
-The Perks of Being a Wallflower (gay secondary character, experimentation)

The Spirit and the Flesh: Sexual Diversity in American Indian Cultures(gender, hist, nf)
-Growing up Gay (youth, ss)
-Gravel Queen (youth, l)
-Rainbow Boys (youth, g)
-Is it a date or just coffee? (nf, l, humor)
-Stone Butch Blues (tg)
-Tipping the Velvet (l)
-Horizens (nf, youth, issues)
-Transgender Rights (nf, issues)

-Queer 13 (youth, nf)
-Empress of the World (youth, l)
-Index of Gltbq books: (bib)

-Boy meets Boy (youth, gay)
-The New Gay Teenager (issues, nf)
-Rainbow Boys 3 (youth, gay)
-Geography Club (youth, gay)
-Keeping You a Secret (youth, l)
-Boy Girl Boy (gay, youth)

To Read:
In a queer time and place (gender, nf)
Coffee Sonata (l)
Leave Myself Behind (gay)
Read My Lips: Sexual Subversion and the end of gender (nf, gltbq)
Changing Ones (gender, nf)
Pomosexuals (gender, nf)

*nf: nonfiction; anything not nf is fiction
*l: lesbian
*youth (all lgbt/ younger age books)
*ss: short stories
*issues: legal/education/social
*gender: discussing gender beyond the binary
*bib: annotated bibliography
*history: lgbt history

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Um so thanks for hte list

Um so thanks for hte list but i TOTALY disagree when you say keeping you a secret is bad. Everyone i know has LOVED it. But otehr then that its a good list haven't read many of thos but have read a lot of other ones not on the list.


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Geography club?!

How can you say that? I admit, some of the plot was kinda out there, but it was beautiful, it is exactly how I feel.

Other than that, awesome list. Though I kinda agree with the above. Keeping you a secret was prettah good.


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Geography Club was good! i

Geography Club was good! i read it in about 2 hrs. i still have it and re-read it whenevr i get bored. i still find it rly good! idk if id call it amazing, but its almost there. and ive nvr read Keeping You a Secret, but ive heard its rly good! i wanna read it, and im prolly gonna get it nxt time i go2 the bookstore. hehe but the rest of the list i agree with.

thanx 4 the list!

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i gotta agree with the others...

thanks so much for posting this list :) but...

i have to agree... keeping you a secret had me in tears... and i loved geography club... okay, okay maybe it was a little cheesy but i love that book

i do agree with you though... annie on my mind is awesome!

one of the books i didn't see on here was empress of the world... not really a fan of that one so much..

speaking of LGBT things that make me cry... this weekend i watched ellen degeneres movie if these walls could talk... AMAZING!!! if you haven't seen it you need to... such a good lesbian movie!!!

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She's written 2 books as

She's written 2 books as well... They're hilarious.....
I find you quite amusing, and I’m sure you love me too, But sadly I am Lesbian, Though I’ll pretend for you

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I am a bit of a bookworm, but I didn't know ANY GLBT books.
I have been looking, but I haven't found anything good yet.

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Don't Forget....

There's also a little known Fantasy novel called Orphan's Quest, which I highly recommend. The reader response so far has been spectacular. You can buy a hard copy on either of the sites below or on Amazon.com. Oasis members can also message me for a free download link. :-)

- Pat Nelson Childs
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Excellent List :)

Have to disagree with you on Geography Club though since I am psuedo riends with the author. (myspace). Otherwise I agree with all of the "good bad". I'm definately going to buy some of these :) oh and I read Orphan's Quest and it should definately be under Excellent. :)

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I don't think of any art as bad, it either speaks to me or doesn't. Of course, I'm pretty good about filtering, so I never read anything too horribly written or anything.


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Bad Art?

In response to all of the comments about my rating system:

I do not consider the things I put under the "Bad" Heading to be truly horrible. All of these titles are readable, and almost all enjoyable. If I put them under the lowest heading, it was because I thought they are too juvenile for a teenage audience, or I personally didn't enjoy them.

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I agree with dykehalo... Keeping You A Secret was an excellent book. Thanks for the list though! I hadn't heard of a lot of these books, I'm looking forward to reading them.

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Kepping you a Secret was

Kepping you a Secret was awesome I agree.
And geography club was OK
Some others are Luna whih is about a transgender boy
and What Happened to Lani Garver the best book!!
thanks for the sugestions

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i like Nancy Garden Annie on

i like Nancy Garden
Annie on my Mind
Good Moon Rising

Sara Ryan:
Empress of the world
Rules for Hearts

Patrica Highsmith:
The Price of Salt

and so far thats it but Nancy requsted Keeping You a Secret and i wanted to read Boy Meets Boy. But other then that these are the only books ive read about glbt books

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Gotta agree with your review of the new gay teenager, I tried reading it but it kind of drags and doesn't really say a lot.

Despite all the things you may have learned, if you play with fire then you're bound to get burned

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Everclear said that once in

Everclear said that once in a song "You say u like people with fire but you dont like it when u get burned, say u broke a 1,000 hearts no u dont like it when its ur turn." love that band, and I SAW THEM IN CONCERT!!!

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i too, loved keeping you a

i too, loved keeping you a secret. and empress of the world.

far from xanadu is also amazing. it's by the same author as keeping you a secret. so is between mom and jo, also awesome.

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Keeping You A Secret was

Keeping You A Secret was Excellent
Geography Club was Okay
Far From Xanadu was Excellet
Desire Lines was beyond Bad. worst.book.ever. It may make you cry, but for the wrong reasons.

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^Agreed, Keeping You a

^Agreed, Keeping You a Secret is amazing
not sure if anyone mentioned The iHop Papers... very good.

I know there's "black sheep," but what about rainbow ones?

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You have to add...

Luna to this list. That is a dang great book for transgendered. :) Really, it's awesome beyond words.

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Anyone read Price of salt by

Anyone read Price of salt by Patrica Highsmith-its very....we its good but its also very...grown-up is a stupid pathetic word but ive ran out of my word quota for the week so thats what im going to stick with.
So go on
And sleep darlin
Why don’t you pretend we were just a dream
It’s cool baby
It doesn’t matter anyway
Well I’m so sorry
We got to the station a little too late
Such a shame
We just missed the tr

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I would say that "Virtually

I would say that "Virtually Normal", by Andrew Sullivan, is a very good read for anyone who wants to look at the political side of homosexuality. He gives the four main arguments for/against legalising homosexuality and gay marriage and then puts his own views forward, as well as incorporating his own experiences. I don't know if it'll appeal to everyone, especially those who are looking for a light hearted novel to read, but I found it fascinating; despite it being ten years old, it's still very contemporary.

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Hey, have any of you ever

Hey, have any of you ever hear of Jeanette Winterson?
She's a lesbian and has written many books with gay stuff in them, but not particularly about it. She has an amazing writing style. I recently finished her book "The Passion." I immediately reread it because I didn't want it to end.

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Jeanette Winterson is very

Jeanette Winterson is very famous.

I like magical realism so yeah, I've read a few of her books. I read 'Oranges Aren't the Only Fruit' about 90 billion times when I was younger. Recently I read 'Weight' and I read 'Sexing the Cherry' in the summer.

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"Oranges Aren't The Only

"Oranges Aren't The Only Fruit" is on the top of my list of things to read, next time I can get myself to a decent library. I've heard really good things about this author.

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Shyam Selvadurai

I just read funny boy by Shyam selvadurai, and it might be a little to young for this audience, but it's not the first thing I have read by this author and his writing is really good, and he also includes a lot of very interesting sri lankan history, all in all, highly recommended. I also read someone is watching by Mark A. Roeder and it was horrible, please, no one read it, it is SO bad.

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Lynn Flewelling could be on

Lynn Flewelling could be on there under Excellent. 'Wicked Gentlemen' (by Ginn Hale) was great, too. I have to join in with the comments about 'Keeping You a Secret'-I couldn't put it down. I didn't actually think 'Far From Xanadu' was that great, though. Oh, and 'What Happened to Lani Garver' is an amazing and wonderful book that I loved. Is 'The Realm of Possibility' on there? That's another one I couldn't put down.

'Dare, Truth, or Promise' was pretty bad. Or is, I still haven't finished it. As near as I could make out, they met and were madly in love after about a week. *wince*

Tanya Huff is, in my opinion, to be avoided. 'Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light' wasn't as bad as the BtVS books, but it was damn close. 'Knight of Ghosts and Shadows' by Mercedes Lackey might have come later-so technically 'Gate...' has the original plot, but Bedlam's Bard is way better.

Yeah, I read way, way too much, as you can tell.

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i thought

Annie was great, that was the first boook i read
i thought i liked Empress but after reading everything else its not a real love story really
And Keeping you a Secret was EXALLENT as great as Annie i loved it!
i am reading Luna by Julie Ann Peters anyone want to disgus it with me. You can message me or just go off on here, your choice
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just a note...

But not all of the gay couples in Mercedes Lackey's books are guys... The majority of them are, like the series on Vanyel, but I can think of two couples in the books who are lesbians. I'm glad you put her books in the Excellent category. She has a nice flare to her writing style.

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I'm just wondering what

I'm just wondering what people think the best Mercedes Lackey book with gay characters is...
Anyway, worst gay book... The Straight Road to Kylie

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hey people

I'd like to read the book "Keeping You A Secret" by Julie Anne Peters.. but I can't find it here anywhere, since I don't live in the US.. so I've been looking for it online so I can download it.. but I haven't had much luck with that either.. so if anyone knows where I can download the book from, please send me a message with the link or something like that!! or if anyone has the book on their computer, and you feel kind enough to send it to me, I can give you my email address so you can do me that favor!!!

anyway, thanks to everyone, just let me know


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There is no eBook of it available. Although it is available for Amazon Kindle now.

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we have the same problem. :(

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Since there's a serious lack of history...

Homosexuality and Civilization by Louis Crompton is unbelievable. It's 700 pages of GLBT history since Ancient Greece up to the late 1800s, including both Western and Eastern history. Since there are few records on lesbian and bisexual women and transgendered people, a lot of it is focused on gay and bi men (although definitely not all), but it's still one of the best books I've ever read. Open homosexuals are NOT a modern invention, and gay people have been majorly influencing culture, art, warfare, politics, and literature for thousands of years. I had no idea what a rich history we had until I read this book.

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You Should Also Take a Look At...

The Greeks and Greek Love by James Davidson. It has just been released and is now in bookstores. 789 pages!

I've just started it...

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Good recommendations. To add

Good recommendations.

To add my two cents in, the Gay and Lesbian Literary Heritage is a great book. It's quite costly new, but it's not that hard to find a older edition (circa 1995) in good condition cheap at used bookstores.


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Hi can you send me the link where i can download the pdf?

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The title of

The Spirit and the Flesh looks interesting. I know the Paiutes of Nevada are very accepting of homosexuality and gays become shamans.