A few lists?

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i hope no one's respect for me goes down because i cant be bothered to hit the shift key right now. apologies (my soul is crying at my not-capitalizing, because my mom's an editor.....) anyway.

things i like, in no particular order:
-telling off homophobes
-crying onto someone's shoulder
-my brain cell, juan. (yes, i named my brain cell. it's easy when you've only got one ^^)
-bear mountain
-lesbians ^^
-chordy (acoustic guitar)
-frederick (electric guitar)
-my beautiful electric piano, which is too amazing to name and is simply 'my baby'
-dungeons and dragons
-buffy, in particular WILLOWWWW!!!!! aah, willow my love. well, not exactly love, she's just frickin' awesome!)
yeah, sure there's a lot else, but the list would get waaaay too long

recent developments in my life:
-valentines day.
-report card. pretty damn good. A+s in everything except math (a) and global studies (a-) better than i'd ever dreamed of (i swear my global teacher miscounted or something, because she hates my guts.....)
-forgot i had gym today. consequently, forgot gym clothes. had to borrow my friend's sweats and do track stuff in the shirt i was wearing today. which was low-cut, and... err...... bouncy.-new email in the erotica compilation my friend sends around. pwetty ^^
-i've been on this site for less than a week, and i think i'm already doing a journal entry a day. addicted much? tell me i'm not alone!
-holes in my converse, walking home through the snow. my feet were absolutely frozen. i swear, blotchy and red, and i couldn't put them in the hot bath b/c they were being all semi-frostbite-y. (but this brings me to my next point.....)
-SNOWWWWW!!! SQUEEEE!!! *jumps up and down*
-so today was the aftermath of my best friend and her bf breaking up. and (this is how i feel now, it'll change in a day or so, probably)... i don't know if i could go out with her. honestly, sometimes i find myself questioning our friendship, because even though she's so smart and perceptive a lot of the time, sometimes she's so self-centered and thoughtless. i dunno.
-ookay. so. my friend is cutting. those marks i noticed yesterday? yep. razor. fuck. i went to the councilor and asked for advice (w/o giving names, because if i had, she'd have an obligation to tell parents and stuff, and her parents are just insane). so now im trying to get my friend to go see her (the councilor... she' s really awesome), or to get some help outside of school (clinic/teen-help place). and its all just really confusing. and im always so afraid of overdoing stuff and over-dramatizing stuff that i don't trust myself not to be persuaded when she says that it's nothing. ive even got myself wondering what's wrong with cutting, if it's done in moderation. holy crap.
-and in addition to THAT, i can't tell my other best friend (not the bi one) what's going on, because i said i'd keep my cutter friend's secret. and she saw me blinking a bit too much and thought id been crying--basically right. i'd ALMOST been crying in the councilor's office, b/c im just really really emotional. and anyway, she was like, "whoever made you cry, ill beat them up." it was kind of joking, but she was also serious, and she was really understanding when i told her i couldnt tell her what had happened, and it just made really sad to keep that from her.
-i just realized that i was an idiot and used the same name on here i do on all my other forums, and that it's google-able. normally, i wouldn't mind, but i do a bunch of ranting about my life on here that people involved in it probably shouldt see. shit.
-to end the post on a slightly happy note, however....... there was a gay bookshelf in my school library today! squee!


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You're a Willow fangirl?

You're a Willow fangirl? z0mg, I've found a cohort! Alyson Hannigan is GOD.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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Well duhhhh!!! I lurrrrrrrve

Well duhhhh!!! I lurrrrrrrve all the early Will/Tar episodes... so sweet... ^^ its actually kinda pathetic how much awesomer the show becomes when there's a Willow scene (esp. involving lesbianism or magic. Or both... xP)

Life is short: make fun of it.