A little about someone else

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So i realized looking back at the majority of my journal entry's/posts (which is about 10...lol) That they are about school or my mom. I decided to tell you a little about my dad for a change.
My dad is a police officer. One of the top police officers in his field in all of Canada. He's been recognized for it several times. His standing in our community has been both a blessing and for lack of a better word crap on a stick.
I've been able to volunteer and get refrences from some of the greatest men and women i have ever met mostly police officers and fire fighters. I have also gotten experiences that most kids only dream about especialy at a young age-pulilng people over and giving tickets in a speeding cop car, riding in the fire truck going as fast as possible, see cars and trucks ripped apart in order for the fire fighters and police officers to practice mock crashes.
Along with the many benefits of having a police officer (one of the top in the area) as a father there have been many downfalls. Throuh-out my early child hood it was a rare occasion when i saw my dad for more then an hour or two. He was always being called out to an accident or writitng reports.
The fun times have been season's tickets to random sports from grade 2-5 it was Detroit Tiger tickets. From my grade 3yr (my sisters gr 6) she has had Piston's Seasons tickets even to this day. And from grade 7 on i have had WNBA Detroit Shock seasons tickets. Home Opener for the Shock tends to be teh happiest day of my life. It's when i actualy get to see my dad. I spend several hours with him just sitting and watch a game that we love to watch together.
When i did see my dad when i was younger my experiences with him weren't always great. He tends to be very short tempered man. I grew up being both emotionally and physically abused by him. My sister got the brunt of the abuse.
In grade 5 (my sis was in gr8) my dad told my mom november 30 or 31 (i forget how many days november has) That he no longer loved her and had found a place and that he would be moving out. December 4 my mom and dad sat us down and informed us that the next day my dad would be moving out. And he did just that. While we were at school and work he moved out. He visited coming and going as he pleased because legally they weren't even seperated and it was still his house.
Now a days we have a prettty good relationship. We haven't talked about that past and that's how i'm leaving it for the time being. There will be a day when i pour my soul out to him and yell at him for all that he has done.
This past summer my mother and sister and i ( 5yrs after my dad moved out) moved out of our old house and into a new. We sold our house to my dad who now currently resides there. He drives me to music lesson's almsot every week except when he has piston's or has to work. As i've gotten older i've learned what things make him tick and how to ignore him when he goes on big ranting raves.
Things are goign pretty smoothly

This was really long i jsut felt like getting i out. It's been inside me for many years and tonight was just one of those nights i wish i was closer to him because all my friends have been talking about their dads and how wonderfully they are and good memories and i don't have that many. Thanks for reading.