A poem about my father

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You have taken everything from me
Everything, including my words
All I can do is look away, useless
I can’t even find the fire
That used to burn
In my veins,
Every time you would strike
Just walk away,
There’s no use pretending,
Because there are words
That you will never say
All of your conditional
“I love you’s”
Couldn’t fix this
Too many years have gone by,
Not being good enough for you
But you couldn’t see,
That this wild-eyed dreamer
Would have done anything
Just to be adored by you in return
But I stand here loving you,
While you just walk away
Oh, what a shame
That I couldn’t have been like you
Perfect in every way
It’s another game of fatal attraction
You can’t hate the one who hurts you.
I can’t hate you, and I can’t hurt you.
After what you’ve done, all this time,
You’d think it would be easy
I’m still your little girl.
But you’re never proud of it.