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Even though you are gay or lesbian do you enjoy the attention of the opposite gender? Maybe even over the attention of the same gender in some respects?

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An answer

I enjoy anyone's attention. I'm a totall attention whore lol. Seriously, I don't care. I love everyone, even though I would only go to bed with a girl.

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I am in complete and utter

I am in complete and utter agreement with you.

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HAHA love it

Long live the attention whores
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I'm not lucky enough to get

I'm not lucky enough to get attention from any gender, LOL. Except for this one guy who seriously creeps me out. I guess if somebody flirted with me who didn't scare the living daylights out of me, I'd be flattered, no matter what gender the person was. Doesn't mean I'd date them, though.

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Yeah, to an extent. I'm a huge flirt... But once the opposite gender starts flirting back... It's kinda like... Ew, stop.


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I have girls flirt with me a lot but I never really give it much thought. I sort of think, "Oh, that's sweet" and put it to the back of my mind. I know that if I were straight my friend Nicole would be all over me. I think that if I weren't gay I'd have a much easier time getting a date... too bad more gay guys aren't out of the closet in high school.

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oh, absolutely.

oh, absolutely.

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As much as I hate to admit

As much as I hate to admit it, yeah, I do enjoy the attention of the opposite sex. As long as it stays limited to attention and no actual sexual flirtation. There's a boy in my Chem class (a semi-friend) that knows I'm queer, so everyday he tells me I'm beautiful and he says, "Why won't you date me?" He also tells me he loves me everyday. He does it to annoy me, but I can't help but blush. I know he's being stupid and trying to be funny, but it's still attention.

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Really I fall in love with a person's personality gender doesn't matter except for the sexual aspect. I love when anyone flirts with me, but I'd only consider dating girls... Sadly I don't like kissing boys(and deffinitely not anything else). It'd be nice if I did... Get the best of both worlds, eh eh?
Just kidding.

I know there's "black sheep," but what about rainbow ones?

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I like attention from everyone,lol

However its awkward when I'm out with friends and some guy starts showing interest in me coz they don't know i'm gay.

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Totally! It's like 'OMG! Someone thinks I'm cool even though I would never date them..'

3 wheels are better than 4!

Do they react that way because of who we are or because of your personality?
"I like to think it's me."

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wow...i guess for me it's

wow...i guess for me it's kinda like the same for everyone else on here. i like attention (yeah i can admit it but i don't always strive to get it) but in a way i get weirded out when the opposite sex shows a lot of interest and i feel a lil sad for them because their kinda doing it for nothing.

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"

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it's all good

Yeah.. attention is fun, it's a compliment so why not right unless it's too much. I still think I'd prefer attention from girls though (obviously).

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I have a lot of self-hate

I have a lot of self-hate issues so regardless of gender when some likes/checks me out it kinda boosts my slef-esteem

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Yeah! I have a bad habit of

Yeah! I have a bad habit of flirting back to guys without knowing it... then feeling rather embarrased and disgusted when I realise.

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Hell yeah

It always good to get a compliment and convinces you have at least some chance in the romance world. Then again the only people I ever seem to get fancying me are 5 years younger than me

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I love

I love attention from anybody doesn't matter who it is. I flirt a lot and they flirt back as long as it stays on a non sexual level with guys. But with girls i don't mind. I've been trying to cut back a lot.

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It actually terrifies me. I

It actually terrifies me. I am friends with many boys, but when I think one likes me, I immediately jump to --"If he asks me out, what am I going to tell him? Will I have to out myself to not hurt his feelings?!"