AH Junior Prom!!!

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yup yup. i bought my Junior Prom contract today...i'm so excited, it's on March 31, 2007. I can't wait...this is my first ever school event (i never went to any banquets or anything) and my first prom...i feel like such a...girl lol.

I also bought another contract...idk i'm thinking of bringing someone else, but idk who to bring lol. i know i know weird...why buy another contract when i don't even know who i'm bringing or if i'm bringing anyone?/? idk i just felt like i should and now i feel like i need to get a date :(

sooooo...anyone wanna come with me? lol ;)

sigh...oh yeah. after school i was walking to my bus stop and one of my friends Lei came up to me and did the whole loop arms with me thing and was walking with me for a bit, i kinda forgot what she asked me first lol but this is kiinda how the convo went;

Lei: my friend likes you
Me: really? ok
Lei: yeah
Lei: so are you bi or are you...lesbian?
Me: lesbian
Me: so your friend, tell her... ( she cut me off lol)
Lei: why does it have to be a her?
Me: oh well is it a guy or girl?
Lei: uh...its just a friend
Me: ok
Lei: well ok i'll see you later
Me: ok bye

yup and thats it...she left. blah now i'm wondering who it is lol...she waits by the parking lot and my bus stop is by the parking lot, so i was looking at her trying to see if anyone was by her and i saw this girl talking to her...but idk lol. this is kinda driving me nuts haah :(

i wanna know *pout* but whatever she'll eventually tell me or the girl will come up to me...i no care. i have other things to worry about.


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lol, my winter formal, I

lol, my winter formal, I bought a couples ticket and let the sweet motivation that is procrastination, lure my date in....that and a lot of underclassmen begging her for me...but she said yes.

I have admit we didn't look bad together. I am the one with black hair.

V is the bomb, he blows with anarchy!!!

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I'LL BE YOUR DATE! xD ok maybe not. ^.^

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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haha don't get my hopes up

haha don't get my hopes up like that lol..well i'm probably going stag and with a group of my friends lol..

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"

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*raises hand* Oh, I'd go

*raises hand* Oh, I'd go with you!

~May the spirits guide your every move...to assure you please her in all the right places XD