Alley Dogs

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City roars;
An urban dream comes to life.
Stars below
Outnumber the stars above,
Constellations down the avenue.
Electric creatures howl
At artificial moons;
Aluminum coats shining,
Exhaust escapes as clouded breath.
The steel forest claims life tonight.
A pack of wolves,
Leather fur and metal claws,
Exploding howls and
Vengeful cries suit them well.
They bark an angry tongue,
Square their shoulders,
Circle their prey.
They flash some teeth.
Triggers conspire
To claim lost territory,
As metal growls flash between.
A good hunt.
Pups watch and learn.
They learn too well.


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mmmmm..... your poetry makes


your poetry makes me smile on the inside and out!

"Yes! No! Oh, damn!"

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props bro

youz got mad skillz YO!