alot to talk about, i've come out!

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ok, so i've come out to one person, but it's a bloody start! she is a distant relation of mine whom i became really close to whilst holidaying with family down south. after coming home, i rang her up and said, "I'm gay." she was like "Really? Really?" she is totally cool with it, but she did worry me to start with, cos her family is fully christian so she's like, "it's a sin, rah rah rah but i love you" and then she was going on about me being sure, and do i know for sure, and would i ever fall in love with a woman, etc and i was like, NO, I'M FUCKING SURE, I'VE HAD A WHILE TO THNIK ABOUT THIS!!!!!! lol but everything's cool now.

mike is still fucking hot. i'm using him for my major art piece this week. my medium is photography and he is playing the part of a hustler with a giant cross painted onto his bare chest....... i'm doing the painting. but really, this is feeling sad, cos he doesn't know how i really truly feel. when we fool around like "straight" boys do, he's totally teasing me when he smacks my ass and hugs me and strokes me, and i want to tell him that i'm gay. i'm thinking a coming 1/2 the way out, as in "I'm bi." that eases him into it, gives him time to think about it and then i can tell him properly. i'm just so unsure, what if it screws up our dynamic? i don't want things to change drastically. but i want to be honest. what do u guys think?

i have so much stuff to do now i'm grade 12!!!!!! not only do i have assignments piling up already, but all the extra committments to the various extracurricular stuff i do PLUS my responsibilities as a senior leader (like a prefect), which means lunch time meetings, etc i'm so close to drowning guys, it's not even funny! a bit of help would be nice.

peace out, xoxo


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The bi route

The bi route can work, but it can make people a bit less likely to actually believe you about your sexuality, there's always a bit of distrust

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Congrats on coming out! so

Congrats on coming out!

so very close to what you had expected
it makes it hard to keep my head up level
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YaY for coming out!!

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I'm not sure "bi" gets you that much of a cushion when you tell another guy. I mean, at the end of the day, you'd still have sex with him, so how much ground are you gaining there?

I think the "bi phase" (not to be confused with actual bisexuality), is usually about the person themselves using it before they are comfortable with saying they're gay. If that isn't you, just be gay.

Abrupt truth never alters things any differently than lies spread out over time will eventually anyhow. It just makes it happen faster.


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Yes, not only will claiming

Yes, not only will claiming you're bi not matter to a straight boy, let me just point out that this is what makes people distrust true bisexuals so much. I would just be you and let the chips fall. I know, easy for me to say. But the more people you come out to, the less satisfied you're going to be with those relationships that are predicated on a lie. Eventually you're going to come out because the pressure not to is just too great. I think you should just continue the process you started and find out who your true friends really are. If this guy isn't one of them, well hey, there will be other hotties to paint.

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I agree with what

I agree with what patnelsonchilds said. Comming out as bi, though you may think it'll help, will not only not really matter to him, but it makes things harder for people who are actually bi. I'm not saying that to guilt you out of doing it, but I just wanted to mention that. But I don't know if saying that you're bi would help or not. Maybe it will help. Maybe it won't. But I wouldn't do it that way. But that's just me. Do what you wanna.
... Awesome about the comming out though! But yea, it's hard to come out. I hate it when the first few people you come out to are like that. Just remember that you'll have both good and bad reactions. Remember the good and forget the bad. Fuck 'em. lol NEway, Good job on comming out!

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