...an intereesting topic

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today, we got on a really interesting topic in english class....my sexuality.

*thinking*...damn lol idk how we got on the subject but it involved me, my friend Aja and my other friend Pam...aja knows that i'm lesbian and all that good stuff, but pam was like..."so are you full on lez or bi?" and i told her and she's like "why?" God i hate that question...but i told her that yeah i see guys and be like aw their cute but i'm more attracted to girls and i just can't see myself with guys...and she's like "why not?" and this girl, Alisha (she's really pretty and yummy lol) goes "'cause guys have COOTIES"...haha i thought that was so hilarious.

then pam asked again "why" and i countered that with a "why"....lol it was funny...we were going back and forth with that but we had to stop because we got in trouble from the teacher 'cause we were supposed to finish our outline.

so...yeah. if anyone had questions about me...then if they overdeard or converstaion (we kinda were talking loud lol) then they would know my little "secret", not like i care but yeah...


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WHY? The most annoying word


The most annoying word to ever exist.


Because there's no definite way to end it.


Because it keeps demanding for more!


Because it just does, damn it!

Anyway, that's must've been a very interesting talk. Like, you just don't really care about who overhears, so you just blab. And there's probably some girl in the back with amish-like innocence listening to you guys going "Oh my word." :p

Yesterday, I was talking to a student quietly about the GSA I'm helping other students start. And he was asking how'd it be run. And I was gonna answer quietly and I was though "hey, why be so meek about it?" So I said, "Because I'm joining the gay and lesbian club at Truman State." I don't think anyone heard, except maybe my teacher.

Oh, you were like their specimen today. Like, poking at you for answers. Trying to analyze, but instead they used the ever classic why. Oh, "WHY". I wonder who even came up with that word.

ALISHA?! Should I know about this ALISHA? I am appalled. Ha, just kidding around :D

~May the spirits guide your every move...to assure you please her in all the right places XD