anime. hour sleep. & boyfriend problems (not me).

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damn i've only had an hour of sleep...i went to bed at 4:30 am and woke up at 5:30 am...why? well i was up watching anime lol. Kannaduki no Miko :) it was pretty cool...i liked it lol. the last time i've stayed up late watching a anime was when i was watching AIR TV. sigh my friend got me into anime now...i just finished the Fruits Basket series a couple of days ago too. oh my i'm gonna go find another one to watch later haha.

but i was grouchy today...first of all i was pretty alright feeling kinda BLAH and tired, then my friend had to tell me her drama ass story and i got irritated 'cause the girl don't listen to me or i told them that i'm gonna keep my two cents to myself and she can do whatever she like...I DON"T FUCKING CARE!!

what was her problem? let me share that with you kkk...she, ok SHE asked her bf to the prom and guess what he said?/?...he said WHY? omg i was like why'd he say that and she didn't even know 'cause when she "supposedly" asked him about it, he didn't answer her. god i've told her many times that maybe its not meant to be and she should break up with him before he breaks up with her 'cause apparently he also told her to find someone else to go with and that maybe she should "expand" her something lol and see other guys...what the hell is that telling you?

fuck and my other friend got mad at me for telling her to break up with him and blah blah...what the fuck ever...i don't care any more...not my problem, she's on her own. there's so much to add to that story and stuff but i not in the mood and i'm tired, so fuck it.

ugh...and then my ex D texted me askin if i downloaded music on the phone and called Nevada and god i've been paying for all the it matters right? shit every single one of the bills since we got it, i've been paying EVERYTHING...god blah.

sigh...idk i've beeen soooo bitchy. i'm gonna be even more bitchy the next 2 weeks 'cause i think its because of valentines day and shiit and we were supposed to make 6 months this month...UGH i hate everythhinggg...maybe i need sleep...idk...every place i go reminds me of her...things that people do reminds me of her...god so much shiit reminds me of her and its killing me...i'm crying myself to sleep again...god.

idk whatever. if you're still reading this...why? all i do is complain...sigh but thanx your a good friend :)