Another prom dress shopping failure :(

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*sigh* its sooooooo was like....well the second day i've gone out to look for a junior prom dress and no success. i've went to both big malls and nothing...i've went to some small hole-in-the-wall stores and nothing...i'm ready to give up. i told my auntie that if i don't find anything i'm just going to get a tux and wear it to prom...but ah well there is like two dresses that i can wear but the first one which is a black one, idk i liked it the first time i tried it on but when i tried it again today...i didn't really like it...the second one is a green one and i like it but the whole cleavage part is driving me crazy lol....

hmmmm...idk we're probably gonna go looking again tomorrow and i'm hoping that i can find something...i'll try and post up those two dresses on here for all to see and you can tell me how they look...i just had to take pictures lol.

...ooooo btw i wanna get a lesbian id bracelet lol..i'll look for the yarn tomorrow maybe...i think its a pretty coo idea


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Agh, I hate shopping for

Agh, I hate shopping for dresses. When I had to find a dress for my brother's wedding, my gosh, it took forever! I hate showing cleavage (like I have any to show anyway) and I even hate showing my collar bone. I hate that just because I'm the XX chromosome, it means I must wear a dress. I want to wear a tux to prom, but I have no money so it's up to my parents what they'll pay for. Most likely a dress >.<

Oh, will you post the pictures of you in the dress? Or just you in the dress? I hope the first because it'd be so much fun! I bet you'll look cute in whichever dress you chose! Good luck on the hunt.

By the way, do you have a date yet? Or planning to fly solo? Or are you just so hot that you can't choose? :D

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD