Are you a skittle?

yes, of course i am a skittle
47% (7 votes)
no, i am an m&m
27% (4 votes)
wtf is a skittle and an m&m
27% (4 votes)
Total votes: 15


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I always have to sort the

I always have to sort the colors of my M&M's before I can eat them. :-)
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Me too!

I do that too. I also eat them in two's - and if there's an odd number I split the odd one in half. :-P

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I sort mine into colors and if they all have different numbers but go up like 3 red 4 blue 5 brown i eat them in that orde but ig theres like 6 red 4 green and then 4 blue then i eat 2 of the reds so they all have the same numbers. And i eat 1 of each at teh same time. So i run out of all of them at the same time.

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if it's not chocolate, it's not worth it

or at least that used to be my motto

a friend had a bag of tropical skittles yesterday and was asking people
"do you want to be a pineapple with a grass skirt on an island? cause I have skittles for that"


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funnie. my GSA at my school is called the Skittlez club, so does that make me a skittle? lol

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I don't think either are

I don't think either are Vegan. M&Ms have milk, and I think Skittles have gelitan in them.

That makes me a blueberry... Because I say so.

*Suddenly reminded of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory*

Hehe.. Bubblegum. XD

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Skittles = gay m&m's =

Skittles = gay
m&m's = straight
haha, i came to the conclusion that skittles are gay because come on, taste the rainbow, right, haha

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