bitter at Valentine's day

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Half of me wants to be bitter at this holiday, being stuck single for no good reason that I can fathom, but half of me is still secretly hoping that someone will suprise me.

Not likely to happen I am afraid.

What makes it slightly harder is that I have had proposals for dates, but from the wrong end of the spectrum for me. Flattering, but quite frankly, no, never ever going to happen. Just not my type.

Hope is a blessing and a curse.

How many other people are having a love-hate valentines?
Should I just randomly ask someone out (is it random if it is a mini-crush?), or am I being desperate?


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Synthetic love isn't the

Synthetic love isn't the best thing. What's so great about dating just to date? The emotions are what make it so wonderful.

If you don't like anyone or aren't interested in the offers, remain open. You never know if anyone likes you, and then you're suddenly taken so they give up hope.

I used to be like you with the "I hate valentines" but with my emo side screaming "oh, please, someone ask me out! I'm so lonely...". This is my first year that I could honestly say I don't like anyone. Right now is that odd stage that I randomly get when I'm not attracted to anyone at all. It's strange.

Just have hope. Sometimes it takes awhile, but it's better than you or someone getting hurt through dating just to date.

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD

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yes... love-hate relationship with V-DAY

Bitterness is AMAZING!!! I've never had a TRUE romantic valentines day in my LIFE. when i was like 16 i was dating some dude and he came over on v-day and tried to get his hands down my pants. last year i spent v-day with this other guy... he was actually NOT an asshole, quite sweet, got me a card n' the whole shebang, BUT of course i didnt have any feelings for him "in that way"... we're good freinds now. but STILL i DO feel like im missing out. and i blame the MEDIA. valentines day is a stoopid holiday. In america the point of valetines day is for people who are together to have this excuse to spend money on eachother and act all mushy, and to make those of us who are single feel like pathetic lonely loozers. You can ask some random person out just to have a date, but really what is the purpose of that. you know its contrived, they know its contrived... personally i would feel used if someone asked me out just to ask me out, not cuz they actually liked me. so... "am i a lil bitter???" well... i just got blown off by my ex and im pissed and mad and hurt and sick of dating girls who dont give a flying fuck about me so... FUCK YES. :o)

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and Hallmark gives money to Republicans

I never cared about Valentine's day before, but now I am on my own, got some of that sweet sweet freedom, and I find myself wishing for what I didn't even know I was missing before.

But yes, it is a contrived holiday to buy Hallmark Cards that give money to Republicans and chocolate that was likely not fair-trade farmed.