Boys have cootiessss (agen lol, wrong section)

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Heyoz everybody~! Okay apparently this has nothing to do with cooties but I hope that I got your attention... I'm just thinking why it's mostly girls who have posted their work (I'm not saying guys won't submit any straight to patnelson) but still... I'm just thinking there could be some writings from guys (about their own experience and/or anything else) which could give a different perspective and insight. So just wonderin, are there any guys out there taking part in GLM?

Mind you, I'm a guy as well... but maybe there just ain't many guys out there as gay as me and write poetry and literature? Dno, I don't want to start stereotyping... just pointing it out I guess =\

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some people just get over

some people just get over extended... especially whilst your working and or going to school, some people just don't have time... I'm participating but I am not writing a piece of my own... (yup thats right, I'm one of the people whose job it is to tear your pieces apart, and then glue them back together in weird and unusual ways.) plus I also think that there are a lot of procrastinators among the people who signed up for the project.

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I'm sorry man. I like poetry

I'm sorry man. I like poetry and stories and stuff, but I don't right a lot anymore. I guess I could write down some of my previous schtuff....

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Good on you Duncan! We

Good on you Duncan! We definitely do need more guys participating. We want to have everyone's point of view represented in this book. Thanks for the post Uncertain.

- Pat Nelson Childs
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