casual things to do and casual ways of asking?

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Ok so i want to ask this girl aquaintence im attracted to do something with me, but i want it to be casual as im not clued up on her orientation yet.

Any ideas on casual non-date like things to do besides coffee? I know she hates that.

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Bowling, Laser tag, shopping??

I would definitaly say bowling it sounds completely cheesy but it's soo much fun. Especially if your local bowling alley has rock'n'bowl which i know many do. That and it's just good excercise.
Picnics can be kinda romantic but just amazingly fun.
Shopping at the mall or wherever like a flee market or somewhere like a side walk mall or not where youd normaly go and buy things.
Movies are traditional and are fun but its not as personal because you can't talk.
Although movies at home can be kinda fun. You can pause the movie anytiem you want. Watch some of your favs.
Lasertag is pretty interesting. Hope that helped I asked friends for some ideas but they were no good. Just do whatever you like to do normaly with your friends then it will seem more casual and non-date like becase you do it all the time. But also things that are kind of unusual can be fun experiencing some thing new can end up being fun and can have some good memories.

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You could also invite her in a group to start out.

Play it by ear. Luck!

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