Cheerleading again but with hotter girls!!!! *lol*

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I am tryin out for cheerleading for freshman year in highschool....jus becuz sum1 sed i couldnt make it......i did it last year but i only did it to try it...then this year i wasnt gonna do but then i did to see if i would be ok at it....i think im really good. in fact im bout to practice it before i roll of to if i thought middle school girls were hot i didint catch girls r freakin fine...i mean seriouly, fine enough to make u lose ur happen to were praticing our jumps and it was my turn...our tryout coach is a senior..and was pretty hot...well nwayz i was lookin at her for the count and i kinda started checkin her out...well she goes and then 1 but when she sed it i was kinda still lookin and i forgot so i jus sed wait! wat!...and she goes i saw that coming, then i sed idk wat happen i jus was sumwhere else....and everybody else was laughing...yeah it pretty fun and i know im gettin it right becuz i got the best girl there in front of me in line. heck yes!welll g2g try-out practice and track practice is killin me so im tired. !!!!byz!!!!