Chocolate induced hyperness

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Hehe... I've been hyper all day today, and eating chocolate only made it worse.. XD

Convention coming up. Me excited. :D I made this bag, and it's cute, and it's purple, and black. Like my hair is going to be tomorrow! X3

Yeah, I'm going to get some of my hair dyed purple. And it's all going to be straightened. :) And my hair is so long, it'll rawk! In fact. If you're really lucky, I'll post some before and after pictures... Or at least an after picture. X3

And you know... I'm just in a good mood today. *nod* And I only pricked myself with the needle ONCE while I was sewing! Just once! That must be a record! =D

Not to mention I got the measurements right, which has never happened before. So I'm happy over that too. (I drew the pattern myself.)

And my dad bought this video game, Guild Wars or something... So naturally I'm going to stea- err... Borrow! It after he's done playing it and stuffs.

I have a really good feeling about next week. First the convention, with an awesome dealers room and consuite, and my cousins will be coming, and my friends will have off from school (Including Sora. <3)

It might get annoying sometimes. (My cousins that is.) but oh well.

Oh, and don't expect me to update much during February vacation. With my cousins here it'll be hard too and stuff.

And my dad won't watch Death Note 17... And it's driving me nuts because it's the best best episode. =D All of this drama-action-stuffs happens in it. *nodnod*

Yes I am hyper.


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haha guild wars

my brother plays that. he's amazing at it. but it's kinda eaten up his life. fun to watch him play though. especially in the winter, when he's home from college, cuz they have shields that look like mints, and other candy shaped and colored weapons. that's fun. we call it his schizophrenic cuz he has this headset that he talks to the people on, but we can only hear him talking to himself.

*she's the mistake i would always gladly continue making*

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Man I haven't watched Death

Man I haven't watched Death Note since...the 6th one. I just found I liked the manga more...and also didn't they change Ryuk's voice a bit? If I remember correctly, he got a bit more high pitched and I didn't like that. He was my favorite and his voice was creepy-awesome.


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