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It was fun for the most part. :3

I saw my friends, EJ and RM, and EJ's little brother N.

We hung out and acted kind of hyper. I love when I'm talking with them because I feel like a little kid again. We talk about random stuff and we're just silly. N was following us around for the first half of the con like he always does. But he stopped for some reason. (Which was nice but I felt a little sorry for him.)

So, he's looking at TV, and he calls something "gay" So I tell him not to do that because I'm gay. (Yes, that's how I came out to him. XD)

EJ already knew because I've e-mailed her about it. And RM was really cool about it. She didn't ask any dumb questions or anything, which rawked.

But N was all "really!? You're gay?" And he continued to say stuff like "do you like boys?" and "Can I watch you hit on girls." (I should have killed him right there. XD)

He apparently doesn't believe me and keeps asking "How do you know?" Even though he's only 11 and is always saying how "hot" some girl is.

He doesn't believe that I have a girlfriend either. First he's like "Who is it?" Like he'd know who she is anyways. And then I told him that I couldn't call her because she hasn't come out yet. Then he asks me how she can be my girlfriend if she isn't out of the closet..

He is so annoying... >_<

Anyways, the convention itself was pretty cool. I was a bad girl and ate minamall amounts of eggs and milk because I didn't want to starve.

What I really liked about the convention, is there were at least three lesbian couples there. And they all held hands and cuddled in public without worrying. I thought that was cute, and it gave me a boost of confidence...

THEN we went out to eat on Saturday night at this seafood place. Which wasn't a very good idea because I got food poisoning.

I woke up in the middle of the night and threw up. Was very gross. After a while I didn't feel like I could walk very far or anything. My dad comes and gets a hotel room because I told him that I couldn't make it all the way home in the car. Which I feel really bad about. But I feel really bad about getting sick in the first place... D:

I was sleeping in EJ's room, and her parents we're really nice and helpful. Later on I'll probably call them and thank them for helping me.

So, this morning Dad drove me home and I've been sleeping all day. My cousins have been really loud and they bought all of this junk food which isn't really helping me feel better. But I feel a LOT better than I did last night. But I'm afraid to eat anything solid, and just LOOKING at junk food makes me woozy.

I'm gonna go call Sora now. Laters.