DEAR Mr. President

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Ok so i got inspired by ForeverEndedToday's journal entry. And she had youtube video of Pink performing Dear Mr. President. Kepp reading after the video and i will say what i need to. Just watch and listen.

What kind of father would take his own daughter's rights away?
And what kind of father might hate his own daughter if she were gay?

Those lines are the ones i sing the loudest whenever i hear this song. And i hear it alot. It is always on my playlist. It's the one song that i can't go a day without listening to. I just love it that much. Many people also love this song for many of the profound things it says. But i know many simply love it for that line. I'm not american. I am But i live about 5 minutes away from Detroit. I'm effected by everything that goes on in the states one way or another. I do not like Bush. By no means do I hate him i just don't agree with alot of the things he stands for. This song just sums up alot of my feelings.


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Awesome Video. I love that

Awesome Video. I love that song so much and I always scream those lines too =D Thanks for posting....

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LOL! I'm a she not a he lol.

LOL! I'm a she not a he lol. That happens so much I'm not offended at all I think it's hilarious. Bush has fucked up the world it doesn't matter what country a person is from everyone strongly dislikes him for everything he does.
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I knew you were a she not a

I knew you were a she not a he i really did i just missed the s before the h. Like honestly i truly just did type wrong.

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I remember listening to that

I remember listening to that song with my father after I came out to him and the tense moment during that particular part. Heh... it was okay though. My brother was in the car, which helped.

You live close to me!

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