Everything will be alright... so say the Killers.

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Drunk and riding around at 1 AM. This is not how I imagined remembering Rick. He is indestructible. He was indestructible. It’s so hard to believe he’s gone, within one passing second a drunk driver sped past the cross-walk, his best friend unable to pull him back, that fast. Poor kid, he blames himself, I can tell. They say he was killed on impact. That’s good right? Not much pain? Well not for him, for those he left behind, well that’s a different story. God, so many people loved him and he had such a bright future. As his sister once put it, “He’s like God, but on a computer.” And he was.
He graduated college in less than three years while working fulltime as a computer technician for his college. If you ever came to him with a question he couldn’t answer, the next time you’d see him, he’d be an expert on the topic. He was just that kind of guy. It still amazes me, his creed for life, for learning, his passions (computers and cars), and those he loved. I still wonder why this happened. What perverted force had taken him from this world he so dearly loved?
Rick, he was going somewhere, he was going to make the world better, no matter what. This is why I sometimes sit in disbelief at my last memory of him: being drunk, driving to Wawa. We went off on an excursion for his blue-raspberry slushie and my nicotine fix. I’m not sure how he had patience enough to listen to my drunken philosophies. He was a brilliant guy, but even in a sober state, he was willing to listen to my bitching.
We pulled backup to my friend’s house and he stopped the car. We were still talking, now it was about his love life. He showed me a picture of a gorgeous blonde girl. My reply was, “Oh my god, she’s pretty.” His, “Yeah, but the sex is terrible,” a joke.
“Why don’t you just dump her?”
“Because I love her.”
That stopped me in my tracks, “Oh.” That was all. I said goodbye, he said be careful. The last time I saw him.
Ever since his quick and tragic death, I have been contemplating Rick’s wisdom that night; a person may not be physically or aesthetically pleasing, but they could be the one. The one to spend your life with, the one who’s waking (and sleeping) moments you’ll never want to miss. The one who is beautiful for who they are, the one you admire most, he one who feels like home.
So many of us seem to end up in meaningless relationships because what we think our partners should be, what they should wear, how they should talk, how they should act. And of course they should be hot, and the sex should be great. Those things are nice, really, they’re wonderful, but no one can be all of them. Every one has their flaws. No one is perfect, and no one is immortal. Not even Rick.


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wow, that was touching to read - sad but somewhat hopeful too. i'm really sorry about rick. sounded like he was a great guy