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Before the GSA started two weeks ago I was naive to the intolerance in my school. Yesterday I was walking to lunch and on one of the posters we put up it had "Faggots" written across it (the others have "dissapeared"). If I kept track of how many times I hear "fag",and "queer" I'll probably lose count. It makes me sick. How can people still be like this? Haven't GLBT been fighting for equality for hundreds of years? It's like a hair style that goes in and out of style. One century we have rights; the next homosexuality is disgusting.

I hate waiting and waiting and waiting for another state to introduce a same-sex marrige bill only for it to be shot down. I don't get why people are like this. How can people base everything off of prejudice? How do people make fun of anyone regardless of sexual orientation? Don't they feel guilty, and horrible knowing that they're making someones life miserable?
I don't understand.

I wrote PRIDE on my hand in huge letters today. A "fuck you" to whoever wrote that on the sign. Guess I just have to remember all the people who do accept GLBT, like the girl who I came out to today when she asked what "PRIDE" meant. It sucks how all the nice and caring people get overlooked by the bigots in my school. A lot of people have it worse then me, I'm sorry if this sounds like one big complaint.


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Just knowing that there are

Just knowing that there are those type of people at the place you spend the majority of your day at is kind of scary. I mean, I can't imagine anyone being able to completely shrug it off.
I was talking to a friend about prejudice the other day. Apparently there is a girl in our school who hates (yes, hates) mexicans because they lie, cheat, and steal. Of course we know this may apply to some mexicans, but not all. Just like it applies to some white, hispanic, black, asian... etc people.
I guess it's just that those people have based their judgements on either a negative experiece w. gay people (that sounds weird... not really sure what that experience would be), fear, or the opinions of their peers/family/other people who influence them.
I find setting a good example of who you are is the best way to battle that prejudice. If you assuage their fears hopefully they'll come around. Also, because of the huge impact peers have, if tolerance is spread to one person, it could spread throughout the whole school. (I just pictued my school as a b/w ink drawing slowly turning the colors of the rainbow w. people standing outside. :p)
Like you said, just remember the supportive people and more are sure to come around.

I know there's "black sheep," but what about rainbow ones?

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When people call me a faggot

When people call me a faggot I get mildly pissed off for a second, but then I realize that they're stupid and I go on with my life.

- One Nation, Under Darkness

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Welcome to the human race. There is always a traget for discrimination. Wait out turn - in a couple of hundred years we'll be off the list

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"

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GSA poster trick! Tape two

GSA poster trick! Tape two posters up... the top one being the regular GSA one. Under it, with a LOT of tape, preferably a little bit smaller than the first, put another sign that says, "THIS IS WHY WE NEED A GSA!"

It's cool, and it works.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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I absolutely love that idea. I can just image my school & the kids who would tear posters off... Their faces would be priceless.

Ok this is so over done, but...

Markers and paper for posters: $10
Copies at Kinkos: $30
Tape: $2.50
The suprise (/indignation) on bigots' faces... PRICELESS

I know there's "black sheep," but what about rainbow ones?