Feeling a Bit Better

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I feel better today, so I had to come back and visit for awhile. I miss you guys so much I can't stay away for too long. Even when I'm not feeling too well, it gets so lonely up here in Maine. Having you guys and my chat room buddies to interact with really makes life here bearable.

I am doing very well on Scion's Blood. I just finished the rough draft of chapter 24 and am well into 25. I should be finished with the first draft of the book in another four to six weeks. Then it moves on to my panel of critics who will tear it to pieces for me yet again. This time it shouldn't be as bad as book one though because I had my editor in chief Heather and my friend Rick critique each chapter for me as I finished it. That has been a huge help. I'm a real collaborative writer, so having others look at my work as I go really inspires me to keep up a steady flow.

Anyhoo, I'm going to tool around a little while and see what you've all been up to in the last few days. Hope you are all doing well.

Love and hugs,


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hello :0)

glad you're back and feeling better!

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I'm glad you're feeling

I'm glad you're feeling better, too! *Hugs*

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What the above said,glad your feeling better!

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